Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ireland's 12th month.

One year! One year flew by. One year moved slowly. One year was hard and beautiful and everything we never knew we were missing. Landie Mae turned one in the end of August. We celebrated and smiled and taught her how to high five. She learned she likes cookies. She unwrapped all of Evie's old baby toys she lovingly collected and wrapped for her. We celebrated this love and light and wonder in a girl. Happy Birthday, Ireland!

Ski to Sea

Back in May Parks participated in Junior Ski to Sea with some of his friends. That is a fun and challenging race! They did great :)

Plain Fun.

We took the kids (and the baby!) rafting this summer at the cabin! All three of them did great! And in a perfect turn of events all the Webber girls joined us for one of our rafting adventures!

Happy Campers

During the summer the kiddos went to their favorite day camp - Fircreek. They came home wet and covered in mud and dirt and with new friends every day. Camp perfection!

Ireland's 11th Month...In July

Well, Ireland was 11 months old in the end of July! And we had a crazy end of the summer...and beginning of school...and entire fall...so now I'm catching up. :)

Miss sweet thing turned 11 months old in the end of July! She is a MOVER and a SHAKER now! She crawls everywhere like a pirate with a peg leg. She can pull herself up on everything. She quietly crawls over to everyone and patiently waits to be held because that's her favorite thing...snuggling in your arms. She stops to join anytime someone is applauding. She scrunches up her face in the cutest smiles when there is laughter in the room. She.Is.Perfection.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Greetings from Thailand!

Be still my heart. My dear friend's family came back for the summer to visit. And while we were so sad they couldn't live with us like they have all the other times they've come back, we did get to see them so much! Which made my heart overflow with joy.

 Jenny meeting Landie for the first time!!

 These two BFFs. 

 Jason and Jeremy sharing a moment. 

 It doesn't get any cuter than Ellie and Ireland.

 We have 8 new additions since the last time they were here! 

 Landie was showing off in her sink bath. :)

 She got a little crazy with her feet, but then she got stuck and couldn't figure out how to put them back down. :)

 Donut Cat BFF Keychain!